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Puerto Rican On The Moon

Album: Carrots, Geese and the Dead Leprechaun
Michael Gutierrez-May




New Folk


Inspired by the Nueva Cancion song "Boricua En La Luna"

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A Puerto Rican On The Moon by Michael Gutierrez-May (with acknowledgment to "Boricua En La Luna" Words by Juan Antonio Calletjer, music by Roy Brown) Apollo landed there in 1969 There was nobody else there at the time Nowadays if you want your own place You gotta travel to outer space So you take a Puerto Rican family Bring along the salsa and the rice and beans And the moon would be as happy as a place could be Dancing every night. Chorus: I'm a Puerto Rican on the moon I'm a Puerto Rican here, I'm a Puerto Rican there, I'm a Puerto Rican everywhere. A Puerto Rican on the moon. So here I am living here in the USA Second generation and I'm here to stay They don't speak Spanish here in the States I had to learn my Spanish from china plates But half a Puerto Rican is better than none Tells my Irish side to chill out, have fun You're as crazy cool as anyone. Dancing every night. (chorus) Look up in the sky and say, Oh Man They're still playing their music as loud as they can Puerto Rico is a postage stamp here below But up on the moon, Puerto Ricans run the show. (chorus twice to end)

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