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A little poke at our friends in Washington

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People talkin on the right There talkin on the left Don't know why they keep on talkin Seems like everybody's deaf They're doin doubletalk yea doubletalk Don't know why they waste their time It's a mystery to me It's what everybody's doin up in Washington DC They're doin doubletalk yea doubletalk Everybody wants the credit and noone wants the blame You know they're more concerned with building up their name Do what you got to do stay on the right side of the fence And maybe someday you'll get to be the President You're doin doubletalk yea doubletalk Hide your face in the crowd where you can't be detected It's the only chance you got of gettin reelected You're doin doubletalk Stand up tall and proud for all the world to see If you want to get a shot on MSNBC But how to go about it be all that you can be And still maintain your plausible deniability You do the doubletalk, yea doubletalk So stand up tall and proud for all the world to see Cause you know you gotta get this photo opportunity Doin doubletalk, yea doubletalk Her comes the bandwagon hurry up and get on Tryin to find a star to sing your campaign song Don't worry bout the future. Forget about the past Just try to find a way to make this good thing last Doin doubletalk, yea doubletalk Just play your cards right and some day you can retire Keep your feet out the fryin pan and don't go near the fire Do the doubletalk yea doubletalk

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