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I Can't Leave It Alone

Album: Brand New Day
Rocky Blanco (Tha Champ)






This Song is About My Relationship with Music It is An Emotional journey into the mind Of A Hip Hop Artist going Thru life and Music

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Music Has always been my life Ever since a kid in the basement With thoughts of trying to make it From a young kid to a man that's grown It's all I ever known I can't leave it alone I tried to put it down Been about 10 years Put all my hard work in My blood sweat and my tears Went against all my fears Hit the stage and they'd cheer Then came children n responsibility So I had to disappear No more music to the ear Had to grow and become a man I refused that 360 deal So I had to go and replan My life My music Or my kids and my wife My decision that night I put down the mic I can't leave it alone The game needs me The game been calling asking why'd I leave And said you must return Cause Hip Hop is in dire need Your music can help the masses Now let your fire breathe You've mastered the dragon Trained assassin Time for all eyes to see What you have become The chosen one Shine bright like the golden sun Bring light to the eyes of everyone Youngest to the oldest ones You've always been know to spit that real One of the coldest ones And right now's your chance to come back Besides you owe us one For leaving so soon Nothing new Since 2010 in June So it's only right for you to get back in tune Gotta keep doin what ya doin Keep grindin and movin Writin and producin And staying a positive influence To this music I can't leave it alone The Game Needs Me I feel like pookie in new jack city I can't leave it alone Feel like the 88 Rakim Fienden for that microphone Every time I hear a dope beat I just wanna let it flow So I started producin my own Now it's time to let it go I'm back now Tha champ has returned I can't back down Holdin my tittle firm Puttin my music back out Makin my dreams come true on my own terms I'm bout to spazz out The fire's lit Now let burn I'm first in and the last out I go so hard when I hit the stage You think I'm bout to pass out I battled many titans Clashe out Thru the last round Smoked so much trees I'll never be down To my last pound Been hustlin all my life Went from the struggle To get the cash now It started in the basement Always thinking that I'd make it Hard work and dedication It's a love and hate relation Since I was shown From a child To a man that's grown It's all I've ever known Damn I can't leave it alone I can't leave it alone The game needs me Music It's always been my life I cant't leave it alone

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