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Persia Grai - Ally & Noah (ft. Sammy Affer)




A song written in memory of my two friends Devon Spurlock & Erica Haudek who died together in a car accident. Ally & Noah were the two characters from the Love story "The Notebook", but Devon & Erica were the real life version of that couple. The song was completely written by me to inspire love and remind people what it means to love..on the upcoming album "Until Now". Thanks for your time! Persia Grai

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(Hook) Now we all look for love, thats what i find in you; thats what i find in you, thats what i find in you; they can talk all they want as long as im with you; as long as im with you, as long as im with you girl; I said as long as im with you, with you, with you; I said as long as im with you, with you, with you; I said as long as im with you, with you, with you; I said as long as im with you, with you, with you; (Verse 1) Girl i got my mind made up i want that ally & noah; i just wanna know ya im glad the BS is over; cause i been stuck in this game and im running out of lives; i know youre stuck in the same, so dont run out of time; and you tell me youve been hurt before, i kinda see the scars; but with us the sky becomes the limit i can see the stars; in you and the odds are big but i think we can beat em all; cause when you first scrape your knee then you learn what it means to fall; and i think i understand, i believe i live to get ya; other people crop, but i would rather see the bigger picture; i hope its okay with you, if i come and lay with you; i just want this off my chest, grab a pawn and make a move; how long is forever, i always wanted to know it; cause youre the kind of woman ive always wanted to notice; and i think since i got you im promised to never blow it; cause everybodies watching and prolly because they want it, and thats when i say (Hook) (Verse 2) Girl i got my mind made up i want that devon and erica; i wish you knew how it makes me feel when i stare at ya; how you got me acting has me feeling out of character; so if the ring fits, i know i would marry ya; you got all them walls up, ima knock them walls down; this feels like the trust game im ready to fall now; they tell me im color blind but that doesnt stop how; i donate my love you can have this purple heart now; we don't have forever, so tell me what your pace is; cause we can make it last like the fat kid in the races; we be walkin by people twisting up their faces; and then they talk about us on a every second basis; and you make no mistake, cause im sure ima make em; but if we draw conclusions then the rumor starters trace em; and i dont wanna change you, ima be the same dude; cause you were my dream girl, im happy you came true; (Hookx2)

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