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First to Leave

Album: White Horses
Kate Tucker




Singer/Songwriter (Female)


From White Horses, (29 June 2010) Music and Lyrics- Kate Tucker Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Blake Wescott at Litho Mastered by Ed Brooks at RFI Kate Tucker- Vocals, Acoustic Guitar Blake Wescott- BGV's, Acoustic Guitar Ed O’Brien- Bass Casey Foubert- Drums, Keys

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I won’t be the first to leave Baby you can count on me Meet me in the morning And we’ll wash away your sins I won’t be the first to leave Baby don’t you go tonight Darling it’ll be all right Stay with me till morning And we’ll talk it over then You don’t have to go tonight Maybe we should go tonight Drive until the road feels right Cross another border Find another empty town Maybe we should go tonight Baby don’t you go tonight Stay with me you know its right Build your life on lovers That’ll only tear you down Maybe you should stay tonight

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