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Album: Sons Of Thunder
Lexxi Vexx Sons Of Thunder




Alt. Rock


A song about Joey Ramone, the most tragic and lovable man in Rock and Roll. Written by Todzilla and Lexxi Vexx.

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Shiny black buttons and zipper teeth/ hair-cut fallin way below the line/ high heels runnin for a picture with me/ never thought I'd see the day really shook my mind Make like bandits on the radio/ blown out leather hangin off our arm/ a mile away everybody knows/ seen us comin in as a fire alarm Uniform At eachother's necks as we're takin the world/ can't barely stand these boys no more/ brother runnin off with my pretty girl/ can't be the one to walk that door Uniform Gettin so tired of a boyish charm/ never had a single color beside jet black/ twenty-five years of twenty-one/ Uniform's gonna bend, gonna breake my back Uniform

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