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My Heaven

Album: The Signature
Derek McKeith






Making my way back home, is MY personal HEAVEN!

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MY HEAVEN Written by Derek McKeith and Daniel Overberger ASCAP “My Earth’s Invasion Publishing” ASCAP “Migraine From Hell Publishing” Copyright 2005 VERSE 1/ Long time seen my friends Can you tell me which road to take me home again So many friends, that I ain’t seen, in such a long time Once upon back on when I could tell you which road to take you home my friend To so many friends, that I aint seen in such a long time HOOK / TELL ME WHICH WAY TO GO, BECAUSE I JUST DON’T KNOW WHICH ROAD WILL LEAD ME HOME, GOTTA GET HOME, TO MY HEAVEN (repeat 2x) VERSE 2/ Should you, could you, would you again Take my hand and walk me by your side, guide my friend So many friends that I ain’t seen, in such a long time Take my hand and walk me again, to the road I know once more I know my friends, so many friends, will be waiting for me Waiting for me oh HOOK / (repeat 2x) CHANGE / I see blue skys, right on up the road ahead, yeah, yeah I see stars fly, right on up the road I said, I said…. (repeat 2x) music instrumental CHANGE / (repeat 2x)

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