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The Little NerdMaid

Album: Ugly Fairy Tales
Ugly God Bastards






By their 1st album “Ugly Fairy Tales”, Ugly God Bastards introduce their Ugly Cynical Philosophy of what they call “Reversal” or the aim to reverse all the values of the so-called Modern Society. Spotify: 
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Far out in the ocean the water is as blue as the petals of the loveliest cornflower and as clean and crystalline as the purest glass, ‘twas down there that she lived She was the daughter of king Triton, her father was the emperor of the perfect storms, blowing hurricanes and throwing tsunamis human could survive Half-human with the head and trunk of a woman and the tail of a shark She was a lovely Nerd MerMaid... Never followed what daddy said Ohh... Once princess of the Kingdom beyond the sand Ohh... the sea folk was at her command She totally rejected her bloody nature and spent all her time studying the human sciences. She sold her precious voice to the terrible witch in exchange for a pair of legs. But when she landed on the mainland the humans locked her in a dark cell She couldn’t talk, she couldn’t explain ‘cause she had no voice ...tormented, tortured, raped ...every day... her gestures, mimicry were totally incomprehensible. Everything seemed lost, all her dreams were shattered like all those ships destroyed by her father's fury. But one day a young man came to save her from darkness and pain. He was handsome and had got that gentle bearing of a prince. It was love right away and the young prince discovered something precious, wonderful in her, the great joy she could give to all men... She was a lovely Nerd MerMaid ...Never followed what daddy said Ohh... Once princess of the Kingdom beyond the sand Ohh... Now sexual slave on the mainland [SOLO] 20 dollars for a hand job... 30 dollars for her mouth... 50 for her fish ass... 100 and more... she becomes your private whore! Oh poor young princes of the sea You’d never have imagined this Once you swam free like a shark Now use your legs to walk in the dark NerdMaid Slave NerdMaid Whore

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