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By: xiren




Download from iTunes: Have you ever been to Joshua Tree National Park before? I hadn't and it immediately got into my heart. It's rare these days to look up and see such a pure, clear sky as the one we had when filming. I hope its majesty communicates. HUGE thanks to the ever enthusiastic and generous Trevor Sands for this video and to David Miller for passionately playing an anxious businessman!

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Sunshine all around Sunshine, I'm coming down Sunshine all around Sunshine coming down Another day for tragic fools Playing out the golden rule Drowning in mother's eyes A child she doesn't recognize I'm falling in, To the space inside Where your love begins Opening my eyes Sunshine all around Sunshine, falling down Bodies find an empty floor Pale light creeps through a door A secret world hidden between Dirty beds and better dreams Let your love begin To open wide Beneath our skin The great divide Sunshine all around Sunshine, I'm coming down Only love, only love Only love can save us this time...

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