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Album: Replay (2012)






Title track from the debut album of Rapper/Producer Inertia from Wichita, KS. Inertia is the Founder of x Winner of 2011 ATL iStandard Producer Showcase x and also Producer of track #13 on Soulja Boy's The DeAndre Way: Deluxe Edition.

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Verse 1 I am so Hip Hop, Call me young Malcolm\ Swagga on point, Like a new scalpel\ Bitch my music do the body good like Calcium\ Ridin' till I get my point across like joustin'\ And I aint ever been a killa, but test and I'll make them arms stretch like Dhalsim\ Go figure this young light nigga be ill as shit\ When it comes to lyrics and spit, reppin' hard for that Wich - i - tit!\ Whoo, I guess I'm gifted - Christmas\ While these other rappers wish they had it - Wish list\ Fuck is goin' on, how you stand against this?\ Haters y'all amaze me, lol please come to your senses\ Otherwise ya Senseless, kinda like Marlon in his\ Movie, nigga don't lose me let me repeat it so you GET this\ Nigga stop actin' Senseless, looking like Marlon in his\ Movie, nigga don't lose me cause I'll be movin' till I get RICH!\ Chorus: Nigga Turn Up That Bass!\ Cut the Volume up, make my damn seat shake!\ We got it sowed up so they all on hate!\ Cause everywhere we go, people always say!| Can I get that Replay, Hey, that Replay\ I need that Replay, hey that Replay\ I need that Replay, hey that Replay\ I need that Replay, hey that Replay\ Back that muthafucka back!\ Verse 2 Bring it back, neva slack, shit my swag on full attack\ No Iraq, on the wax, got more Tech than a Yellow jack\ That's a fact? That's a fact, lay the track and the rap\ Double strap, add some yak, triple that threat like Hornacek\ That's just how it go, nigga I'm destined to blow\ And I brought my gang wit me, you already know!\ It's funny, niggas thought I only made beats\ So I had to switch The View like Whoopi Gold\ 26 years in the making, for the past 8 y'all been waitin'\ My bad, I apologize in advance, but I aint just been sittin' on my hands\ Cause shit, along with networking I been on the net working!\ Buildin' my net worth while the economies hurtin'!\ Not for me\ Don't pay attention to the\ N-E-W-S, just follow ya dreams! Chorus repeat Verse 3 I was born surronded by pain, ya think it's a game?\ Only God is to blame for what I became\ Look at me now, doin' my thang\ Smilin' from a plane, like here I'll remain!\ Head to the sky, feet to the plains\ Nose to the grind, hands on the reigns!\ And I'll be damn, if I aint the illest\ And I aint even drop, but shit, I just feel it!\ So time to go get it, hop in the the lap and I kill it!\ It's clear that I'm gifted, now it's on me to come wit it!\ Open the doe, It's No Coast!\ You gave us the crumbs, we came for the Toast!\ You niggas got riddles thinkin' you touchin' my mental\ My time has been pass due like late movie rentals!\ Keep bumpin' ya dental then it aint coincidental\ That you get cooked like a lentil, nigga it's really that SIMPLE!\ Chorus repeat

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