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Come Back To Me




Americana / Alt Country


The Venns is a Los Angeles based band known for their Indie-Pop style, evocative lyrics, and creative musical turns. The brainchild of producer Tyler Davis, singer Court DaVol, and guitarist Jarod Woznik, The Venns is a collaborative effort that blends diverse styles.

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Feels like you're losing All your control. The world is moving, But your feet won't go. And your heart breaks for every reason. You found the pictures Of you and me. You thought you lost them. But now you see That you can't lose what doesn't wanna be lost. And when the nights are long And life seems to lose it's meaning. And when the days move slow And when your heart wants to quit beating. There is a place you can go Where you'll always be home. Come back to me. My world is changing Most everyday. But thoughts of you they Still stay the same. And I'm still here. I've always been. Oh, my love Can't you see my love. Can't you feel my love. Can't you see? And come back to me. Come back to me. Come back to me.

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