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Fuck Prime

Album: Letter To The Industry
Loki Love






Tune in to Midwest Artist Loki Love His latest record, "Fuck Prime," already breaks out of conformity by featuring a low-BPM shuffle that promotes movement rather than couch-sinking. The Concscious Life Krew-repping rapper Artist is preparing his " Letter To TheIndustry " project for release later this year. If you'e looking for more from him, make sure to check out his Soundcloud ". What do you think of him so far?

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( Hook ) You done seen me at my all time low. I cut the tension in the air when i rhyme nigga. And even tho i'll probably miss em in the long run. i'm sick of all these niggas actin like they my nigga. If you my nigga, i die for you or die with you. I dig deep to strike oil for my niggas. It's my time, fuck prime nigga. You shouldn't pay em any mind when i say. ( Verse ) Most of these niggas Fake like the Jay's not real. Nah, These niggas fake like the chain not real. Leave em at ease. That's only if i say i will. Keep it 100 So why they tryna change my bill. Show em he's sharp when he's spitting that's a K-9 Grill. It's always cloudy outside. How does daylight Feel. Working hard for these niggas tryna pay my bills. Fuck your ethnicity, I'm Giving it the K-dot feel. I mean Picture the sailor floating. Killed by tidal waves made of blank emotions. And his thoughts bout as dark as the Drink he's holding. Driving em cray without making payments on it. Body the beat, put a blanket on it. Is the perks of fame what really makes me want it? nah Shroom Tripping with the luggage in the backpack. Tell em that the music's always better when its abstract. ( Hook )

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