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More Than Friends

Album: More Than Friends
Tha Vill






More Than Friends Single by Tha Vill feat. London's Kele Le Roc Produced by LA's P-Stacks

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Hook: I knew right from the start/ that we’d be more than friends/ somebody broke your heart/ but trust me brother/ let me put you back together again/ together again/ together again/ together again/ Repeat. 1st verse You so damn charismatic/ flyer than carry baggage/ I dig you style so lavish/ don’t need love tho you can have it/ heart break I know to well was on my nerves like root canal/ I got love locked in jail/ 10 million dollar bail/ shorty love might be strong/ she don’t know mine is gone/ back it’s bags been left home/ one way ticket no return/ it’s best if we stay friends/ benefits are frindge/ love had it’s chance to win/ that book is closed gone the end Hook: Verse 2: Got to admit she kinda cute/ I might just spit a line or two/ put her on this us boy/ I can be her uk toy/ mi amor/ not no more/ I threw that one out the door/ we just friends we can play/ you got a man we’ll he can stay/ mr. fiber optic here/ kamasutra to ya ear/ shorty let’s get one thing clear/ love right here has no career Hook Bridge Shorty what it is/ we can be more than friends/ shorty what it do/ it can be me and you/ tell me what you need I can be right there/ be right there/ be right there hook

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