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Back On Track

Album: Dreams & Melodies
Erin Oakley






This is a song I wrote when I was living in New Zealand- it's about pushing boundaries, trying to go my own way and connect all the dots in life, realizing that it's better to just BE- and let God let everything fold in His perfect way, time and plan. It's a plea for Him to help get me back on track. I hope you enjoy!

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Pushing the boundaries again, Looking for rules to break and fights to win, But I'm losing this battle between self and foolish pride I want so badly to give in and believe their lies But at the same time I want to rewind Take me back, back on track I want to go back, back on track Cause they say it's just places at all the right times but I say it's faces with all the right lines and I keep on trying to connect the dots, But I keep on downing in all of these thoughts, Wondering what He's got for me, Wondering when I'll start to see, How all these pieces might just fit Into the puzzle He's picturing. Take me back, I want to go back, back on track Cause it's all about reasons, it's all about rhymes It's all about reading between the lines, and maybe the truth isn't so loud, maybe it hides so it can be found And I'm always wondering what to say, I'm always going my own way, When I should be handing Him the pen, to finish the chapter that He's writing Take me back, I want to go back, back on track

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