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Forget It Baby I Just Don't Buy It

Album: Sass!!
Joe "Pops" Bredow




R & B / Soul


A pure classic Funk tune about a girl who believes a little too much about conspiracy theories. Done in the great style of Sly and the Family Stone. On my new EP Sass!!

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Forget It Baby I Just Don’t Buy It Chorus:1 Forget it baby I just don’t buy it, These things your tellin’ me, They’re just to wild to believe yeah You say it’s true and you wont (I can’t) deny it It’s got to be so, ‘Cause you saw it on some TV show Verse: Your talkin’ ‘bout, The crazy things you see, On the covers of Some stupid magazines You think that I, Should really ought to know That it’s true because, The Enquirer says it’s so Chorus:2 Verse: You said that we, Never landed on the Moon It was on a show, And they proved it was true It was all just one, Big conspiracy, So the real space aliens wouldn’t come Down for you and me, oh Chorus 3 Forget it baby I just don’t buy it, These things that you said, Your just messin’ wit my head, yeah They say it’s true, And they all stand by it But honey don’t you think It’s in that Kool Aid that they drink I don’t buy it, oh Waoooo oooooh Verse: You say that I. Need to be more in touch with the times, If I’d watch those shows with you, It would blow my mind But I gotta tell you Exactly how I feel, When you sit there and tell me, Zombies are for real (Lead guitar) Verse: Say your kiddin’ me, Your just pullin’ my leg You know it’s not true, And that it’s all fake Oh by the way, Did I know that Elvis is not dead He’s hanging out in Vegas With some biker friends, A full beard, and a bandana on his head Chorus 1: Chorus 2:

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