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Hope Dies Again

Album: Not yet released






Fallllen is a four piece, self styled band. Hope Dies Again represents the harder darker edge to the band.

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Hope Dies Again Time for the ride again Begin the circle again Another attracted to but just friends again Now you’re forever fallen Won’t let nobody help you So sad not to find h.a.p.p.y. Hope dies again So like me to pick the broken one So like me to fall so hard So like me to chase the rejection Reject, reject, reject, rejection Even knowing you’re wrong Begin the circle again Don’t mean to hurt no one Begin the circle again Again, again, again, again, again Hope dies again My hope dies Hope dies Bleeding yet so true Your dope is lies From the words you threw Now- won’t- so- hope- so- so- so- even- begin- don’t- begin- no Hope Dies Again ©2010fallllensongs ©2010worthamuse

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