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On The Shortness of Life prod. Bankrupt Beats

Album: Wells of Mankind




The idea for this song came to me as I read an essay written by Seneca, a Roman Stoic philosopher, of the same name. The essay which he wrote speaks of the nature of time and focuses on how humans squander time in meaningless pursuits. I have reflected his notions onto my own ideas about how we as humans choose to neglect the needs and importance of Mankind itself. I chose the happy beat in the background due to the irony of its correlation to my lyrics.

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Born to be wild open minded as a child truly am affected by the one's that they've neglected I'm directed on a new path One I know will last But to me, gotta keep runnin, movin from the past Raised in a nation with the strange desperation for sought out seperation where's the love? only hesitation Walk a mile in my shoes feel the style of the blues but don't be fooled, don't be ridiculed What happened to the freedom of speech? what happened to the memories that never were a part of me? My faded dream will always be far away from me I'll never stop 'till I reach what I know is my destiny I drag myself all the time remind myself that I am fine life is great, what a lie what is fate? I'm hypnotized by the hate within their eyes while the rate, I am disguised by the state of my own mind while I take what's always mine Try to tame the dyin pain and I know that it's a game roll the dice 'n watch it play hopefully I'll win today always lose but it's okay ya know the truth of what they say repeat the past 'n you're insane sunshine lasts until it rains never do I really try never have I wondered, why? and it seems that I will die with no lover in my life ride the wave of endless sighs luxury is what they buy real nice cars a lovely wife a pretty house with lots of fights A different breed with different needs one for humanity a better life is what I seek full of love and free to be you and me, we must leave, everything that we call greed Close as a kiss happiness is a miss if you know what is bliss ignorance is not it take a hint, be honest, I hope you don't mind that's the truth this time that's The Shortness of Life

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