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Hometown Superstar

Album: Jezebel
Leigh Glass and the Hazards




true story.

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She was a big girl, but she could sing She had confidence in most everything Every Friday night, she sang at the bar Town folks lined up, and put tips in her jar Chorus: She was a big-hipped, wide-eyed, superstar in her own right, a hometown debutante She made the boys go crazy and the women scream and at closing time, they all said, that girl can sing She spent her days in the local country store She loved those kids that she had to pay for Somebody asked, "Are you singin' tonight?" She looked them straight in the eye and said, "You damn right!" chorus Oh, she's not in Hollywood, or in a magazine Her fans don't care about the size of her jeans That record man said I've got a deal you can't refuse But before I spend my money on you We've got to lose those love handles, get you a new name If you're gonna work with me, babe, you've got to change Take a few days think about it for a while so she thought for a second, and said (with a smile) You can kiss my big-hipped, wide-eyed, superstar I'm in my hometown, my own right, I'm a honeypot I make the boys go crazy and the women scream and at closing time they all say that girl can sing that girl can sing that girl can sing

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