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'Pathways' is from Pennan Brae's debut release, 'Shaded Joy'. The video was shot in 1 province (BC), 2 countries (Canada & USA) & 6 states (WA, OR, CA, NV, UT & AZ). Directed by Mogcat, it was completed over a 10-day period, covering 6,000 miles. The video features talented Vancouver actress Julia Mauro Cooper.

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If you’d like to see What’s become of me Guess we all change It isn’t good to stay the same Should you pass By my face Familiar shot You can’t place Give it time Light will shine A lost moment Of you and I As the nighttime looms My heart will still be drifting When the morning dawns Your soul is lightly lifting If you’d like to hear All the news of yesteryear Not to linger past Make the present moment last Should you wake In a dream Is it real Or make-believe As the daylight shines My mind is calmly thinking When the evening calls Your light is gently sinking As you draw the blinds To end another day Should our pathways fail Good luck along the way

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