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Guilty Cowboy

Album: Little Loaded Pistol
Lindsey Gail




This song is for those cowboys who act like there not looking and don't like what they see and for the gals who know there looking and know they like what there seeing! The cowboys just need to fess up to it cause there Guilty Cowboys!

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Guilty Cowboy Copyright & Written by: Lindsey Gail 2010 V1-Do you like what you see Girls wearin’ tight jeans A whole lotta nice with a little wild streak Do you like our southern drawl With just a little bit of talk You forget to walk and start to crawl It’s in every woman baby, we love to drive you crazy So you might as well own up to it, you know you like when we strut it Chorus: Are you a guilty cowboy One who makes the girls overflow with joy Do you always wear a smile Then try to hide it likes it’s not your style Do you have your hands in your pocket You act real shy Well, we have a key to unlock that locket So your not cooped up inside Come on quite being coy Raise your hand if your a guilty cowboy V2-Do you like competition Do you have ambition Or you just a simple guy with no ammunition Do you have what it takes Are you a cowboy that doesn’t break Those promises that you make You know every woman wants one honey, a guy with a good lookin’ body So you might as well own up to it, just let go of the bit

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