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Love You Now




Singer/Songwriter (Male)


I could spend three days soaking in the waters of your baby blues You seem to remain forever looking onward like there’s no time to lose And lately, time keeps getting in the way of the good stuff Maybe we could stop the planning and just take the morning off I wanna love you now Whether or not I ought to know better I wanna love you now It’s a simple, simple thing I wanna love you now How could I wait for us to get settled In this wreck we call life? I could spend three years working up the blueprints for the perfect us But we’d still be right here, looking kinda foolish...frankly out of touch And lately- time keeps getting in the way of the wineglass Maybe we could grab today and let the future be just that You stay away From all the thoughts that keep you from your forward motion You play it safe And keep me at a distance for the sake of something different

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