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Free Your Mind

Album: Free Your Mind






Melodically fun and Open song about acceptance, and understanding both Personally and socially... although musically very easy to listen to, the song has a deeper message.

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FREE YOUR MIND I know it’s much to hard to be sure That your thoughts are what you believe I know it’s hard sometimes to be livin To many people are so insecure Mistakes are easy to make But now is the time for us to be givin (chorus) Just Free your mind, and the walls come down Free your mind Lookin around I see the despair And the faces all look the same People are cryin out through the sorrow Crossin the line to show that you care Isn’t always easy to do But we have to pave the way for tomorrow (repeat chorus) All we have to do is release ourselves Come together and put our doubts in the past Just free your mind, and the walls come down Free your mind Free your mind , the walls are comin down Free your mind Words & Music By Matt Clark

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