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Last Thing (single)(Prod. by Tlairr)

Album: XXVII
DL TheDon






Single off my "XXVII" mixtape. Download "XXVII" at:

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(First Verse) Late Nights. Early Mornings. Is what I've grown accustom to. How you trust niggas Thats lustin you. So now I'm stuntin on niggas That I thought was kool. Comparing my flows to the greatest. Hopin I dont change up If I make it. White cups tonight I feel like gettin faded. I'm giving you a chance baby So take it. No periods on my bank We after commas hoe. And me and ya man We have nothing in common hoe. Im after that change yeah that's that Obama flow. You say it's too much of a risk Guess we'll never know. Im doin what they told me not to do. Coppin the shit they told me wasn't kool. Pardon my presence. I don't mean to be rude Never add your two cents Unless you bout to conclude Ya flows old. It's time to renew. (HOOK) The last thing ahead of me Is a long night. Last thing I need is more ice. Say I'm livin wrong. Yeah you probably right. She's leavin wit me. It's Goin down tonight. Yeah and I promise ima make it right. She's leavin wit me It's goin down tonight. Yeah and I promise ima make it right. She's leavin wit me. (2nd Verse) Ya flows expired. Real niggas required. If I said I wasnt in it for the money I'd be lyin. Yeah I be lyin baby Read between the lines. If you feeling how I'm feeling girl Then let me get inside. We can take it real slow Burn somethin while we ride. We gonna have to take your car. I ain't smokin in ma ride noo. Yeah I gotta let em know Surroundin yourself wit real Now thats all that she knows. Leavin wit me It's goin down like dominos I got all kinda flows. I ain't really gotta say it They already know. More I sip The slower the night goes. (Bridge) Yeah so let it go down slow And puff some mo. Baby girl lets roll Cause it's time to go. Let it go down slow And puff some mo. Baby girl lets roll Cause it's time to go Yeah its time to go. (Hook) (3rd Verse) And Im still hungry Like it's Thanksgivings. Smoke Good Eat Good How's that for good livin huhhh Yeah How's that for a livin My team's in order Only thing missin is the millions. Old girl sayin Im what she's missin New girl sayin she just interverin Ima playa foreal How I post and pivot How I rap it is how I live it. I make it then I spend it. Old friends tellin me I'm actin different. New friends sayin you just tryna make it nigga. Go figure. Are they wit me for the long run Or the small picture Cause I got widescreen visions For all my niggas. We gonna all get richer. Motivated by broke niggas. Headed where ever this dream brings us. We stayed connected like watch links. And if im pourin up My sprite gotta be pink. (Hook) [END]

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