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E.D.M. (Electronic Drug Music)

Album: We're All Mad Here
True Spirit




EDM is taking over and associated with it drugs like Mary Jane, Molly, and Lucy are everywhere in the Rave scene but there hasn't been a song really dedicated to Drugs... Until now. EDM is showing how we used drugs to help us expand our minds, and see the world in a new perspective and the DROP is real!

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Mary Jane Your my baby Without you I'd go crazy Need you in my life on the daily Make time for the lady But it's not exclusive I see Lucy on the side, Take a trip to wonderland she's always down to ride, First time Down the rabbit hole I couldn't run and hide, Saw life from Lucy's eyes and cried, Woa met up with Molly went ravin, Saw Lucy candy flipped man it was amazin, Mary Jane there too so now we're all blazin, Serotonin going through the roof and raisin, Damn I need some white girl, Bag of Miley Cirus don't put up a fight girl, Take this in your nose see the light girl, Cloud 9 Dont be afraid of heights girl, I feel in love with drugs, Became best friends with the plug, popping Molly in the club, Blunts of Mary by the dub, And we always rolling up, Love, Sex, Drugs don't give a fuck, Red bull vodka in my cup, Take a tab for good luck, I swear drugs expand your mind, psychedelics slow down time, You won't die just breathe your fine, You can leave your past behind, shit At the peak of the trip, Blasting off like we're in a space ship, Another bump feel the drip, Blowing Mary by the zip, Verse 2: If you really want to feel fantastic, Eat some mushrooms that have a little magic, Feel the tingle in your stomach but don't panic, Energy in the air you can start to feel the static, next couple hours tripping hard, Parrellel universe or this your backyard, Chop up special k use your credit card, So high we meet again in the stars, Visuals tripping flowing in waves, Color so vibrant words can't explain, Minds moving too fast light another J, Thinking is reality supposed to be this way? Pscycadelics helped me become spiritual, Meditating every night became a ritual, Activated my kundalini I thought it was a miracle, So now My love for drugs is unconditional, It's like my eyes were shut for 21 years, 3rd eye open and now things aren't as they appear, Tried some psychedelics now death I do not fear, All these stars and you think we're the only species here? I'm tripping let me ride this out, Caps and stems inside my mouth, Turning down I need some loud, Too get back up to the clouds, Fly with me in the sky, I keep going up pop fly, Man I've never been so high, Man I always been that guy, Verse 3: Got some DMT start to heat up the nail, Get your mind right get ready to inhale, .05 to .1 on the scale, Hold the hit as long as you can then happy trails,

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