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The Complete 4 Part Suite, (1)Heaven/The Fall, (2)After The Fall, (3)Temptation, (4)Redemption/Hero's Anthem

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CLOSE YOUR EYES AND VISUALIZE (OK.... open them you can't read this with your eyes closed) My vision for the piece Section 1 HEAVEN/THE FALL................ I see this one of two ways a solo dancer in communion with God (spotlight or large screen center stage), OR a group of dancers surrounding a glowing sphere in the center of the stage. A separate smaller screen can represent mankind a film real will need to be made depicting human suffering (war, plague, natural disasters.....etc.) At first there is Peace then our primary figure is distracted by man's suffering a inner conflict results leading to a outer conflict with God that leads to our primary figure turning away from God to join mankind THE FALL............................... A Dying of sorts Starts with the Guitar after the Rock section of the first movement a dramatic stripping to the angels divinity to become Human. Section 2 AFTER THE FALL................... This depicts the pain and loneliness in becoming Human, should express sadness, sorrow, abandon. Section 3 TEMPTATION.................. Something NEW to our character now unprotected the DEVIL tempts our to be hero with MONEY, SEX, GREED,.... TEMPTATION in many different forms. This represents a spiritual TUG OF WAR. I see dancers in BLACK and WHITE depicting GOOD and EVIL competing for attention and the FATE of our character. A TUG OF WAR! At this point our Fallen Angel could be depicted as half black and half white switching dancers from backstage to visually depict the inner struggle of our character. A Stronger GOOD force enters to help our Fallen Angel the DEVIL grows weary of the distraction and then focuses on the annoying helper. He is about to DESTROY his opponent when our Fallen angel finds it in her heart to stand between the devil and the Guardian Angel when she is stabbed and KILLED. The devil flees ........our Fallen Angel is freed from her earthly bonds made whole by the selfless act of giving her life for another. NOW depicted in her glory again ALL WHITE with wings she has conquered evil and regained HEAVENLY STATUS. Section 4 HERO'S ANTHEM A running off of the DARK elements and Raising of our FALLEN HERO THE END I want to thank my friend and Co writer of this piece Michael (guitar55) for his help, talent, and support of my vision. Without him this would not have developed to it's present state. MICHAEL......YOUR THE BEST! Dedicated to my father PHIL G. LEVASH for being such a shining example of LOVE and Sacrifice to his Family. LOVE YOU DAD!

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