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Handle My Heart

Album: Shoulda seen it comin
Sunny Paul




Americana / Alt Country


This song was inspired by a comment about a favorite artist, whose name I won't mention. I wanted to write a song to get their attention, and prove that I could write and play as good as their favorite artist. Things come to a head in the 3rd verse when the subject gets an unexpectedly sexy kiss on their milestone birthday I like to take human experiences, and write about them even if they arent my own because they are universal.

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I need my baby when the sun goes down Its so much better havin her round Cause shes got somethin much better than gold and she touches me in my soul She lifts me up, when I'm feelin low Don't have to tell her, she already knows, that when it comes to the very best part, She knows how to handle my heart (bridge) I shoulda seen it comin right from the start Its such a lonely road when your livin in the dark and I dont know if I can ever get back to the start but she knows how to handle my heart She never told me that she felt that way until she kissed me on my birthday I should have seen it comin,right from the start And I know she can handle my heart

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