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Album: Songs For Freedom
Songs For Freedom




Singer/Songwriter (Female)


Mercy VERSE 1  Confined, Detained, taken from your loved ones in restraints.  Blood shed, so much death, and they don’t realize you’re innocent!  I gaze at you, through tempered glass,  So I sing to you, to try to ease your pain  PRE CHORUS  And I want to forgive them for what they do, what they do  But then I see what they’ve done to you, done to you  CHORUS  Where is the Mercy? x6  VERSE 2  My melody draws, while your trapped in this prison  Tracing circles with your inmates, caught and trapped here with no escape.  Our faces eye to eye against the glass, a moment shared, a moment passed.  My vibrations transfix you, and all I want to do is rescue you.

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