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Veterans' Day

Album: Mock Heroic
Admiral Twin




Modern Rock


The doctor said with joy: "a healthy baby boy" October 4th of 1925 His parents had a plan He’d live a better life Be a man of means Who knows, he might go really far And then the days slipped by And turned into years And many pages turned in the story of his life Took a detour through a war Cast a shadow across his soul October 4th of 1944 Stories he would never tell So he had to write them down to keep them captive On Veteran’s Day he pulls them out It’s a cleansing of the soul And a freeing of his mind He didn’t change the world But he eventually met a girl Their child would be his only legacy And so he cried to God "It’s not what I had planned! And there’s one more thing I’ll never understand: How did the days slip by When did they turn into years?" How many pages did you get for the story of your life? Call it what you will Name it tragedy But in the end he just looks back and smiles It’s just his life

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