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Behind These Pews

Album: Center Stage
Waiting Room Reunion






Behind These Pews Verse 1 We believe sincerely that what we see is true Oh Oh Oh What a saturated hue All the while we make believe in the deceitful few Oh Oh Oh They're found behind the pews See the eyes, see the soul, see the guilty man Oh Oh Oh Hiding behind his hands But through the promise of the one who walked these desolate lands Oh Oh Oh We see perfection again Chorus Who can we trust, Is there anyone real Or are we left alone For the sake of all let your curtains fall Expose the man behind The one that's hiding behind these pews Verse 2 Falsify the moral ground on which you stand to sing Oh Oh Oh All the glory that you bring Lead the mass around the desert with this promise ring Oh Oh Oh 40 years you bring Bridge Betray the trust of a thousand hands held high Kill their spirits with a .45 let it fly All the damage that you caused for your skin Is just a casualty to spare the greedy men

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