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HandsHell & GrindTool

Album: Ugly Fairy Tales
Ugly God Bastards






By their 1st album “Ugly Fairy Tales”, Ugly God Bastards introduce their Ugly Cynical Philosophy of what they call “Reversal” or the aim to reverse all the values of the so-called Modern Society. Spotify: iTunes/Apple Music: Amazon Music:

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What a fucking tale about two children left alone In the gloomy forest dozens miles away from home Every day we talk about how to grow our progeny What sort of future does await them? Their morals: violence and cruelty They’re totally lost in the darkness Uooooh The forest seeds their naïve brains With the worms of madness Uooooh Dehumanizing their minds HandsHell & GrindTool HandsHell & GrindTool HandsHell & GrindTool Now it’s too late to save the children from the abomination Their evil parents tried ... to kill them with starvation They quenched their thirst by drinking from the source of human blood It was the old witch who adopted ‘em baptizing them in the forest’s mud HandsHell & GrindTool HandsHell & GrindTool HandsHell & GrindTool They’re living now, in the darkness Uooooh Incest and cannibalism No guilt, they feel so blameless Uooooh This is a new state of consciousness “Let all the children come to me” he said “for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to them” Handshell and Grindtool will lead them right there The house of the old witch has opened her door The Hands of Hell are trying to hold the victim of the day A little boy, so soft and plump, he thinks he came to play Well done! The trap has been triggered The young flesh will be slaughtered Cut and finely ground His screams ... the only sound! HandsHell & GrindTool HandsHell & GrindTool HandsHell & GrindTool

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