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Sold To The Lady In White

Album: Tyler




Singer/Songwriter (Male)


"Sold To The Lady In White" is a/pop/rock/blues first date love song!

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Sold To the Lady In White Artist: Brady Redding Written By: Brady Redding/D.Sweeter Brady Redding Publishing/Sweethorn Publishing (BMI) 1997 Key:D Intro Verse 1 I think I found a buyer for this used and wreck less heart and she says it doesn't matter that it's used and torn apart and I'll even throw in a movie some dinner and some red red wine and I'll agree to this transaction between her heart and mine Chorus Sold To The Lady In White The first she kissed me goodnight and lady can't you see we're getting ourselves one hell of deal and I may not be brand new I might need a little workin' on too but baby I know you can take care of that I said sold to the lady I said sold to the lady I said sold to the lady sold to the lady in white lead turnaround verse 2 now girl let me warn you before things go too far that this confirmation has no money back guarantee then you say I could do no wrong and i can feel it in my heart and you can hear it my song I've been lookin' for a lady like you for so long Chorus lead Tag

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