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Living in the Street

Album: Hollowfinger






Living in the Street is about the downward spiral of someone who loses everything.

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Hey buddy can you spare a dime, you see I'm out of luck and I'm out of time He said buddy won't you get out of here and cut your hair,you look like a queer Well take your time,don't move too fast Don't sell your soul to live in the past Hey son can we talk a while Well I'm sorry Dad,its just not my style Takes all my time turning love into hate and torture minds and murdering fate But I can see it when it comes to lies like you,everybody pays the price Twice as dirty,twice the shame How do you,live with the pain,I don't know Its kinda funny when it comes my way I look at you and you turn away How can you smile with a face full of fear And look away when your thinking gets clear Well I can see it when it comes to me you see I lost my pride and I tossed my dreams Twice as lonely,twice as lame How do you,live with the pain,I don't know

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