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The Last Song

Album: Love, Luck, and Leaving
Jonathan Dale




Written by: Jonathan Dale Verse 1 Do you still cut the tops off of your potato chip bags Run into the bedroom and lock the door when you get mad Still talk like a little girl when you lie I’ll bet your lip still quivers first before you start to cry Yeah Verse 2 I still think about you sometimes and I wonder where we’d be, if we hadn’t changed our minds Or if we never met at all or said ‘I Love You’ I keep telling myself only if you knew the truth Chorus If this is The Last Song that I ever write That’ll be alright by me, cause it’s about you and baby you see A part of me, will always love you It’s we’re Jesus and the woman at the well but He might wait for you I wont wait for you no more Verse 3 Broken rows in the sight of the Father We had to sale our souls to put out the fire with some water Rock n Roll and mind control are cool it’s true But nothing compares to feeling I felt when I was with you Chorus 1x Tag This is the last song, about you “Abby.”

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