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U Must B Lame




4 of 24 Why this ad? Build a Pro Band Website - - Great Band Websites in Minutes. Major Label Features. Try it Free! Collapse all Print all In new window Grant Info for CatSkill Inbox x Catskill Jan 11 to Paul 1. BAND / ARTIST PHOTOS 2. BIOGRAPHICAL AND PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL ON THE PERFORMER. Biographical information should include the artistic background, training and accomplishments to date of the musicians involved with the projects: List of the Applicant's most recent live performances including place and venue names, participating artist names etc. List of Applican't previously released CD albums Radio play statistics Press, DJs and other industry specialists' reviews of the Applicant's songs played on the radio, online or live Song downloads and page visit statistics (for social network pages) Copies of flyers, banners and other promotional materials Canada’s self-confessed lyrical madman is currently highly-ranked on Akon’s Hitlab with 10 of the top 100 analyzed songs - indicating Billboard chart potential - including the hit ‘Sugar Town’ and his controversial single ‘'U Must B Lame,'’ both of which are nominated finalists in the 2010 International Songwriting Competition. CatSkill is ranked 5th all time in the hip hop category on Akons, Over 2430 hip hop artists on hitlab & CatSkill ranks 5th. '‘U Must B Lame’' also caught the eye of number one Hip Hop website, which featured the track in its most popular column. Whilst on face value the song may well be one of the most inappropriate and offensive tracks you’ll hear this year, it is also extremely well-written and explicitly condemns many of the evils within the industry today, which frankly takes balls! In 2008 DJ Clinton Sparks discovered CatSkill's song Sugar Town on the net, Clinton loved the song so much that he contacted CatSkill through myspace and ended up hosting CatSkill's album / mixtape ''Heir To The Throne'' featuring Bizarre of D12, Moka Only, Natsla and Clinton Sparks. Thanks to his outspoken and off-the-wall approach coupled with his seemingly effortless lyrical abilities, Catskill is steadily gaining momentum and recognition within the industry as one of the premier all-round artists in the game today. Having already caught the eye of industry professionals, such as Akon, Angela Yee and Clinton Sparks, the talented emcee and lyricist is merely waiting for the right opportunity to take his promising career to the next level. CatSkill is a Winnipeg artist that has singles on Streetz 104.7 like ''U Must B Lame'' ''Weekend Get Down'' ''Winna Pegga' & ''I Love That'' f Moka Only. CatSkill shot a music video for U Must B Lame last summer in Toronto during the week of NXNE and it is already getting some industry attention. December of 2011 CatSkill was offered a contract from Pierre Gauthier owner of to distribute the new CatSkill ''project'' Superstar Akon has listened to CatSkill's music and says there is a market for this music. 3. LYRIC SHEETS FOR THE SONGS INCLUDED IN THIS APPLICATION U Must B Lame lyrics written by Ryan Funk aka CatSkill 1st verse. Flow's on the phone line 1 catskill, tell'em I'm sick nah tell'em I'm ill. ooh yeah wake up chick, pass my cell and make it quick, hands chap stick gag reflex hurry up this is angry sex K.O ayo you okay baby? she said ah ah ah so sorry/ didn't mean to do it but I did it thats okay go see flow you go play! Okay bye. Seeya wouldn't wanna beya drop shit dhiareah I get more dough than pizzaria/ Cat cat cat hey they call me ceaser, you sound like an old geezer don't be cheap ebineezer. Chorus If you don't like this U Must B Lame so lame If you don't like this U must B Lame I'm Fame your Lame 2nd verse. I'm your daddy allhiphop dot com in your mouth chatty Kathy, as he worked out ill seeds seed went batty sadly he hit miss mouths mouth so patty chimed in rung labelle/ here's a rumor go to hell cat canuck like Drake. Cantya tell? add space on my bum hun ya smell the worlds coming to an end pen and tell/ copy paste blog I'm a world star itch, me and Eminem jog mamories to get rich, Fits I use speed stick to get in her pits, Hit me B.O writ me bio jonny on the spot eddie mc mann hi oh maybeline queen pretty Ricky style I'm freddie mercury, rap rap city style. Chorus If you don't like this U Must B Lame so lame If you don't like this U must B Lame I'm Fame your Lame Lame Lame Lame Lame Lame Lame Lame Lame Lame lay lay lay lay lay lame. 3rd. I love bad bald blond chicks amber rose got an 8 ball of yayo sniff my nose. 808 and heart breaks lol my flows Taylor Swift gotta gift then a drunk K west. Interrupted her speech said B is the best yet B's MTV'S finale finesse. I suggest you attend the CMA'S with a guest and the guest? TPain insane affects. bumpin n grinding assimilating sex, president he's jackass he's the best/ Mr. fish sticks with he-man on his chest he needs to feed his ego chico I be smoking my sess witta big blunt sucka that's what I do I chill wit lady gaga then I goo goo, get it down baby get down getting it down. I'm a tard sometimes cat cat killin the clown. Chorus If you don't like this U Must B Lame so lame If you don't like this U must B Lame I'm Fame your Lame Lame Lame Lame Lame Lame Lame Lame Lame Lame lay lay lay lay lay lame.

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