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Better the Devil You Know

Album: The Storm in Our Head
Kathleen Dunbar






A slow bluesy song of the dark vortex of longing and desire.

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Better the Devil You Know By Kathleen Dunbar Copyrighted Kathleen Dunbar one hell of a night I saw you first people can die from that kind of thirst your velvet skin and golden hair I whispered your name like a prayer held you in my arms I drowned in your kisses I got high on your charms I got a heart broken in two oh baby that’s all I got left of you a fly in honey, I’ll never be free I drowned in the sweet trap you set for me I used to be happy that was before you left for another— I ain’t happy no more go slow don’t stop let me taste your sweetness drop by drop I got the lie cuz nothin was true baby that’s all I got left of you spill me water, like dice in a game oh shake out my body till I got no name I’m just a match you took and struck I burned up on you babe, that was my luck for shame for shame love and hunger well they’re really the same the laugh when you found somebody new baby that’s all I got left of you I pulled my gun when you turned to go you shoulda stayed with the devil you know I got an old dog, color of dirt he’ll howl when they hang me like he was hurt I know I know I should have released you but I couldn’t let go I got the door that you walked through baby that’s all I got left of you

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