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Let's Wish To Hell




Heavy Rock


Reached #1 in Indie Rock at Soundclick. Feat. Jean-Francois Vachon on lead guitar. Trumpets are included! Share this song and help us go viral. This song is now being played in 2015 by Samsara (Montreal).

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When you wish upon a star You'll probably wish for a new car A house, a boat, a work of art When you should be wishing for a heart We sould all wish upon a well that after life there is no hell No Satan and no devils as well And that we are saved by the bell Cause according to some scripts places are limited So when you're aging your wine, make sure your grapes are pitted Cause according to some scripts places are limited Yeah We sould all wish on lucky seven That after life there is a heaven Nirvana, Paradise, or "Club Med" Or else I never want to be dead, When you wish to the "Wizard of Oz" Take time to think of what because You might not have the chance to wish again When it strikes twelve on your "Big Ben" So when you wish and pray to your God Boudha, Allah, or in my case Todd make sure you take the time to listen and for what you asked, make sure you help him

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