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Baby No






I wrote this song about a break up. At 23 I was engaged and living in Kentucky when I decided I needed to follow my musical dreams. I moved home to Washington a month after my engagement and everything started to fall apart. My fiance wanted me to settle down, get a real job and move with him to a small town called Jefferson City, Tennesse. Eventually we called off the wedding, and this song poured out of my heart. I hope it evokes emotion in others the way it does in myself.

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If I gave up everything, would it mean anything If I wasted all of my time, would it be just fine Sometimes I just walk around, alone in this sleepy town Lettin you bring me down, slow Don't let go, Baby no Don't walk away, baby stay Baby no It's like I'm just standing still Out here against my will Why do I always feel, alone Don't let go, baby no Don't walk away Baby stay Maybe if I gave in, maybe we could love again Maybe then I'd let you know, and I could just let it go And if I never said "I do" just like you want me to Maybe we could get it back, maybe we never had Don't let go, baby no Don't walk away, baby stay Don't let go, baby Don't walk away, baby stay Baby No

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