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Don't Come Around Here Anymore

Album: Emma






This is one of my favorite songs I've written. I wanted it to be catchy and a little more fast-paced then my others, and my goal was to make it one people could easily relate to.

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“You're Gonna Miss This” Music and lyrics written by Emma White Acoustic guitar and vocals: Emma White Verse 1: I took a chance for you, I took a shot You said you’d never leave me well you must have forgot You know I'm hurting, but you look away And boy I’m sure you’d like to think I’m gonna sit around and wait No, no, no, no, you’ve got it all wrong No, no, no, you’ll never see another heart this strong Chorus: Oh, baby, don't come around here anymore If you don't love me well then what are you good for There must be some other way you found your happiness, but When you're lookin' for someone to hold You're gonna miss this Verse 2: Oh did you know, that I always cared And I remember every little moment we shared Your eyes struck me like lightning And now in my heart there’s a fire I’m still fighting But no, no, no, no it’s starting to die out No, no, no, not gonna let it burn me down Chorus Bridge: You had me on lockdown I knew you had me I just didn’t know that walkin away could be this easy Love will always Be a word you’ll never know So take your lies and go Chorus

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