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Album: In The Beginning




Gothic / Industrial


You came into my life Like a warm summer rain Washed away my misery Let me live again You were everything to me I needed nothing more You picked me And tied me down Then turned my whole damned world around When you left me Goodbye Sharing is caring And I care for you So I want to share with you All I'm going through Heartache and loneliness Sheer misery Oh I want to share with you All you've given me It wasn't fare, you know The way you came and went away I'm not a little boy, or some fucking toy For you to come and play with How can I make you realize The damage you have done By ending this relationship Just what you've begun When you left me You left me Waiting here to die You left me all alone Now I only want to make you cry Cry Cry out from the pain To give to you the feelings that you've given me So we can share the pain When you left, me You took away all of my dreams I used to want to see you smile Now I only want to hear you scream Scream Scream out from the pain Of your beating heart Being torn in two Before your naked eyes So you can feel the same as I Because I love you

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