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Love Without End

Album: Love Without End
Paul Myhre




Americana / Alt Country


Love Without End (Myhre 2014) Intro Vs. 1 I've been listenin' to the wind Tryin' to hear your voice again Every sound seems to say You'll be coming home again some day Chorus Love without end You're my closest friend Love will always be Me for you and you for me Vs. 2 I've been walkin' in my sleep Tryin' not to dream or to weep Every footstep betrays my fear One step closer to the end of the year Chorus Bridge Solo Vs. 3 You loved me when I didn't love myself And sometimes I said I didn't want your help I push you away time and time again You always came back. You're my friend. Chorus Vs. 4 You're always with me wherever I go Your love for me always shows There is nothing that you won't do To make me see - it's always been you Chorus Outtro

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