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Need You Now




Pennan Brae's video, 'Need You Now' was shot in the sweltering heat of Osaka this August, 2010. DIrected by Mogcat Productions, the premise is of a young man writing a love letter which he folds into a paper airplane & hurls in the air, hoping it finds his love. The paper airplane begins its hopeful journey for 'her'. It navigates crowds by the thousands, skips past planes, trains & automobiles & ventures in an arcade & music store, amongst other places.

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Don’t you know I say I need you Yes I do Don’t you know now that I need you Yes I do I need you now… Know the joy and pain Being by myself Felt the sun and rain Freedom and self-doubt Now I’ve been through that Thought a time or two ‘Bout my longings and desires To be with you I need you now… Now that you’ve tried To make it on your own What is rusted Was once a heart of gold As you decide To come back for a try Heard you whisper Beneath your alibi I need you now… All the things you do Time and time again Like the world they turn Back to you my friend If we pursue that path Which leads to our demise Its fruitless yield Would be as no surprise Let’s buck the trend See with your own eyes

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