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Dream of my life

Album: Born to rule
Team Divkin




R & B


This is the day of my life chorus i see the road so clear to the top, yes am working on it to the cinema be long time in this game is time to show for real no more talent show i pick up my pen en i write, i pick up my rhymes en i pickup my rhythm this is the day of my life, this is the dream of my life my music bridge this is the day of my life, this is the dream of my life this is the day of my life, this is the dream of my life this is the day of my life, this is the dream of my life this is the day of my life, this is the day of my life V.Breezy rap this is the time, you got me high, yo baby, rock your body banging wait a minute who's this on mic, breezy that, yes am turning mad yo music, capture booty on dance floor, another jam exclusive right yes swagger, let me see you wine it, about the show is a party launcher bouncers step aside let these girls come in, serve more drink serve more whisky breezy on the M I C yo baby, what you think this is the game i call it battle ground so many bitches fuckin on get it right, many in the game but the best is the winner this is my flow for real, this is my message. chorus. Democity first rap This is the day of my life,stories means nothing to me cos thing all lies yeah moving against gravity life full of foes,that i don't even know really yeah i guess i'm waking up with poverty waking in the morning brush my teeth then go back to sleep uhh but that change now when they see me in the street they all think they should bow, yeah got some boddies on deck they tryna jerk me off but i'll be there in a sec,uhh i think music is another game, rap is the referee and y'all niggas are so lame uhh Im too shy to give smooches my dream girl around the corner tryna make approaches yeah life's is a war story book, i'm rewritting mine so yall should come and take a look chorus. Democity second rap i'm back like i forgot something haters around me but with God i dont need anything.yeah watching over me today, the next day to wake up on the bed thank him for yesterday yeah and errthing that i do i really got disturbed cos i aint really got a clue.yeah.but God is in control me sitting on the couch watching afrocandy no remote,yeah my cougar got blue panties on the shows over,see my cougar changing to maroon.well you see me starting now with nothing,but halfway to the finishline i end with something,you know yall are just being irrelevant you standing in my way,you just a colony of ants,yeah,they say reality is life and imma end my rap verse with something like ahhhh Chorus.

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