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Irish Carbomb

Album: Bloodfont
Echo Hall




Rap/Gangsta Rap


Irish Carbomb

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I lit em all up and I jump the fence, I stashed the stash in the trashcan, I'm blowin' them up, the police are stumped because I'm a smart and a fast man, I double my tracks and cover my back and set up a trap for the bag man, got rid of the stash, got a bundle of cash because I'm a clean and a free man; however the job is far from done, I gotta take care of the pay back. So I pack up my stuff and light up a blunt and I got dynamite in the back pack. The nina is loaded pistol grip the gat and a silencer on the muzzle - ring tat tat ring tat tat, I pop the eight and I guzzle. I'm not a particularly violent man but on the edge of a clif I'm a boulder, you tip off the rock you kiss the glock and now your life is over. Seen my face on the television this is for the murders of the jokers and the politicians business is a copesthetic funded but illegal venture put the bullets in the chambers and a message from the reaper - to force a confession and pistol whip to break the vic with a shotgun, bustin' a left down on Crenshaw and Slauson

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