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The Invisible Man

Album: Wandrin' Man
John Myles




Americana / Alt Country


Mellow Finger Style Acoustic with Electric Fills

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The Invisible Man I am the invisible man Try to catch me if you can Look for me but I won t be here My gift is to disappear Catch a glimpse of me anywhere Look again and I won t be there Look right through me, I don t even care I'm both nowhere and everywhere Well I might walk beside you for awhile Just to see you smile To see you smile And whisper a sweet nothing in your ear Wait, that was just the wind Now I'm gone again Cuz I am- the invisible man I am the invisible man Try to touch me if you can Unwrap me now, Right before your eyes I'll vanish away, and I realize If I should touch you- you'd just get scared My voice would frighten you if I dared To tell you how I really feel To tell you that your love could make me real I am the invisible man Here I am -your invisible man

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