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Just Seconds Away

Album: Adversity
Full Turnout




Contemporary/Soft Rock


JUST SECONDS AWAY Written by Brad Dugas & Matt Krusky Random faces in a crowd Is that you there? Where do you hide? In this circle that we share, around and round, till we both collide. Pre Chorus: I feel your presence all around me, as I look behind to see if you have found me, and I know…… Chorus: That your out there now, moving in this world. I feel you shifting mine, everyday. And I just won’t allow, doubt to win me over. I look for you and God know’s I pray Your seconds away……………….. There’s a mystery to this world, a scripted fate, a guiding hand. A seed falling from the weight, to change the ground, where it will land. Pre Chorus: I feel your gravity all around me. And the change you bring just circles and surrounds me, cause I know.. Bridge: And I just want to fi nd you, and I, I long for the day. So keep looking behind you, cause I know, I just know, your seconds away

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