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Sunday School Play

Album: Light it Up
Wide Awake/Studio in the Sticks






I'm not a pianist but I gave the piano a try. :*) Played all the instruments on this and recorded it in my home studio. Tried to keep the tracks all clean/raw. The idea here is wandering innocence. Life can take many turns for many friends. It starts out with childhood friends and memories of being in a Sunday School play. The lessons learned here stay with us. Thank you friend for listening in! :*)

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Verse/ Back when you were the sun I played the moon When we got picked on by chance and gravity Verse/ I remember that paper stone rolled away Jesus took the stage We were so young in Sunday School Buildup/ Then I tripped at the end But played it cool Back in the Sunday School Play hey hey Chorus/ The Sunday School Play Yay yeah That Sunday School play Hey hey Bridge/ Yeah you and I we hung together You and I we played our parts Through thick n thin and stormy weather Wish we could go back today Chorus/ To that Sunday School play Hey hey The Sunday School play Yay yeah Verse/ How the times they've come and gone Dear friend it seems you've lost your way Have you forgotten things we learned In Sunday School Well Jesus He's still waiting by the stage And friend He's ascribed a brand new part for you Chorus/ In our Sunday School play Hey hey Sunday School play Yay yeah Vamps over Chorus/ Things that we learn in Sunday school room Things that we know that we oughta be doin David told Goliath yul be rockd n a rollin Jonah in a belly of a whale where ya goin Sunday School play Mary at His feet Martha in the kitchen Peter gone fishin' where's your heart where's your mission Sunday School play Repeat Vamps/Chorus Outro/Fade

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