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The Albino and the Transvestite

Album: Fifty Miles Away
Michael Gutierrez-May






Feb 2011 recording for FAWM 2011

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His her name was Gene or Jean We all knew him her was mean But untanned Dan was quite a man And aimed to prove it, too. Chorus: It's the albino and the transvestite Albino vs transvestite Dan was going to meet at him her's place But she he said "I don't like your face." " Let's meet somewhere in the public eye Where you're not so blinding up against the sky." (chorus) Dan took offense, said " Who are you?" "You poor excuse for a him her hairdo." Gene told Dan to lay off his Jean Or else he'd see him get really mean, (chorus) Dan said we Albinos are a mighty race And we can put anyone in their place. Your threats are laughable, so are you You poor excuse for a him her hairdo They met at midnight in Central Park And they didn't care if it was snowy and dark They snarled at each other by the light of the moon Then they went to bed. (chorus twice to end) @2011 by Michael Gutierrez-May

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