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Event Horizon

Album: Excelsior
Alex Final




Alternative Hip-Hop


This is my first Rap vocal without pitch shifting.

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Male and female whores Quickly building some rapport On the way to the liquor store Stepping through a revolving door (2x) Undignified, immoral, and full of conceit They’re all in for a special treat Lots of transactions without receipts Like prostitutes on the street (2x) I wouldn’t call it humanity More like total insanity It’s all about pleasure and vanity And also perversion and profanity (2x) Making love replaced by sex With cataclysmic effects The inner darkness reflects Like a curse or a hex (2x) We live on suicide lane We’re slowly going insane Jumping in front of trains Just to kill the pain (2x) Wishing that we were dead Hanging on by a thread So many tears left unshed Only darkness ahead (4x) Here on suicide lane Lives go down the drain Slicing through our veins Blowing out our brains (2x)

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