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One Love 2 People




Singer/Songwriter (Male)


Original Song by Forever Fly. Singing: Alan Pinto Rapping: Dalton Martinez

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Every morning when I wake up I take a look outside Well what do I see? The birds or the bees? No I see my little angel laying next to me And I say Ooh, I love You ooh, I need you ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh Cause we're the perfect two And when I look into your eyes I can't believe I did it again And when I see your hand in mine I love this feeling Im feeling And Maybe I'm healing At least I'm looking out at the world, with you And we can stay like this for eternity To the ends of the world and back I dont care about anything as long as your with me We will scream We will shout At the world we left behind It's me and you together It's you and me forever Look at you look at me I finally found love that I can see Can't even imagine, can't even believe My life without you for eternity I got one girl, I don't need 3 The perfect two that's what we'll be Blow up my heart like TNT Let me take a step back maybe grab a knee Because today is the day, i ask you to marry me //Repeat bridge and chorus

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