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Album: Indomitable




Death Metal / Grindcore


Title track from our new EP, "Indomitable."

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Your body laid to rest in a concrete graveyard. Brought forth an immolation-food for the gods of this world. Wakened by the screaming madness. All rise for the day of reckoning. Dead eyes moving forward with ravenous haste. A failed experiment-atrocity. A bastard child of the powers that be. Forward marching behemoth, unstoppable rotting machine. Sentinels of a cold new world. Streets filled with the blood of a thousand dying children. Littered with the remnants of an obsolete society. Fear present in every eye, panic stricken is every heart. We were born into the crosshairs of an inevitable end. Wakened by the sounds of madness. Rising from beneath the ruins. The sun will never rise. Thrown to the blackest days. These dead eyes moving forward seeking their redemption.

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